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    Dark Bars

    70% Tanzania

    Like biting into a fresh mango, these Tanzanian cacao beans have an exotic and delicious tropical fruit flavor.


    70% Trinidad

    A little berry, a little acidity, and a little bit of yum in there. These Trinidad beans are complex and delicous.


    70% Belize

    The hint of fruit in Maya Mountain Belize cacao makes this one of our all-time favorites. You better Belize it.


    70% Uganda

    Uganda foreva! Dark and chocolatey with notes of dark and notes of chocolatey. Pretty much a classic dark.


    70% Madagascar

    Madagascar beans are famous for being full of bright, cherry notes. This bar packs a fruity punch.


    70% Colombia

    Dark, Colombian cacao that tastes oh so fudgy. Delicately roasted so there's no bitterness at all.


    70% Peru

    On a scale from one to kiwi, these Peruvian beans are a solid kiwi. This bar is sweet and a little citrusy.


    85% Colombia

    Even with 85% cacao, the Colombia beans are mild, delicious, and fudgy. This one's for you, dark lovers.


    4 Bar Sampler - Dark Bars

    Four of our signature, single-origin dark bars. Taste them side by side to experience their distinct differences.



    70% Uganda with Bee Pollen and Salt

    Bright, floral bee pollen, Jacobsen Sea Salt, and our classic Uganda bar combine to put a Spring in your step!


    70% Belize with Nibs and Salt

    Our favorite Belize cacao sprinkled with crunchy nibs and Jacobsen Salt Co.'s Pure Flake Finishing Salt.


    70% Belize with Bourbon

    The award-winning Maya Mountain Belize cacao flavored with 2BAR's 100 Proof Straight Bourbon Whiskey.


    68% Colombia with Coffee

    Our classic Colombia bar combined with freshly-roasted Ethiopian coffee that packs a fruity punch.


    70% Uganda with Nibs

    More nibs please! Our classic Uganda dark bar loaded with crunchy, roasted, Uganda nibs.


    70% Madagascar with Salt

    The always delicious Madagascar beans paired with Jacobsen Salt Co.'s Pure Flake Finishing Salt. My oh my.


    Dark Milk Bars

    58% Madagascar Dark Milk

    The bright, sweet, Madagascar cacao in a creamy, dark milk bar. This one has an elegant, malted, caramel flavor.


    58% Trinidad Dark Milk

    It's a milk but also a dark. You get it. If you like milk chocolate, this one's for you. The Trinidad beans strike again!


    58% Colombia Dark Oat Milk

    The amazing Tumaco Colombia beans in a vegan, oat milk bar. Creamy, delicious, and milk-less.



    Four Bar Gift Set - 70% Dark

    Four of our freshest 70% dark bars boxed, wrapped, and ready to gift. Perfect for dark chocolate lovers.


    Three Bar Gift Set - Staff Picks

    An assortment of our favorites including a dark, a dark milk, and an inclusion. Wrapped up and ready to go.


    Three Bar Gift Set - 70% Dark

    Three of our freshest 70% dark bars boxed, wrapped, and ready to gift. Perfect for dark chocolate lovers.


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    Drinking, Baking and Nibs

    Cacao Tea

    Loose leaf tea made from the husks of roasted cacao beans. Steep them in hot water for a chocolatey herbal tea.


    Roasted Cacao Nibs

    Crunchy, tangy cacao nibs. Delicious in oatmeal, smoothies, acai bowls, yogurt, or ice cream!


    70% Colombia Drinking Chocolate

    Make this rich and deeply chocolatey mix into hot chocolate or a decadent cup of European drinking chocolate.


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